“By introducing real-world collateral, Atomix makes the next evolutionary step in DeFi lending where the predominant collateral is currently cryptocurrency.” – Humayun Sheikh, CEO, Atomix

Lend stablecoins – receive a competitive yield.

Atomix enables stablecoin holders to deposit liquidity and earn protocol-generated rewards and ATMX governance tokens. The total yearly yield that liquidity providers receive is highly competitive to returns provided by both – DeFi and traditional alternatives.

Competitive APY Rates

Supplying stablecoin liquidity to Atomix entitles providers to an annual percentage yield of up to 10%.

Generous ATMX Rewards

In addition to paid interest, lenders receive rewards in ATMX tokens.

Low Risk

Assets overcollateralization and a pool of ATMX and USDT ensure that LPs will always receive their original liquidity + interest.

Withdraw Capital at Any Time

Lenders can withdraw their liquidity at any time – 24/7/365*.

*Edge cases apply. Please refer to the Litepaper

Borrow stablecoins – use real-world assets as collateral.

The Atomix lending protocol provides a bridge between secured real-world assets and decentralized finance. It enables borrowers to tokenize the security taken over real-world assets and use it as collateral backing stablecoin loans.

Competitive Borrowing Rates

Get access to capital at rates available only to larger entities thanks to DeFi liquidity and cryptocurrency-based incentives.

Attractive LTV

Depending on the volatility of the secured asset, the ratio can vary from 50% to as high as 75%.

The Only Capital Pool You Need

Finance your projects by acquiring all the capital you need from a single source – Atomix.

DeFi Flexibility

No early-repayment fees and ability to add more assets at any time.

User-Friendly Online Interface

Manage all your secured assets in a single web-accessible interface.

Cryptographic Certainty

You can access capital as soon as your secured assets are tokenized and your Atomix Collateral Tokens (ACT) are minted.

Who is Atomix for?


Stablecoin holders can supply liquidity to the Atomix protocol and receive rewards in ATMX governance tokens and fees generated by the protocol.


We envision that the first users of the Atomix protocol will be bridging lenders – companies or individuals that offer short-term loans backed by collateral, such as real-estate.

What Makes Atomix Different?


The Atomic protocol is designed to enable the tokenization of securitized real-world assets. Once an asset is valued and securitized by a third party – called a “Security Trustee” – it enters the blockchain as an Atomix Collateral Token (ACT). The owner of the asset can use the ACT to borrow stablecoins against it.

If a borrower breaches the terms of their loan, the secured assets can be sold to recover capital which is then returned to the protocol. The LTV ratio is set to provide greater certainty that the borrower’s assets can be sold for at least the amount of the borrowed capital.


Borrowers pay interest on their loans to the Atomix protocol. The protocol then determines a fair compensation for the lenders including protocol-generated fees and ATMX token rewards.

Unlike traditional lending solutions, Atomix incorporates token-based incentivization, stablecoin liquidity, and an innovative system design to enable passive income generation opportunities for lenders and flexible loan terms for borrowers.


The smart contracts including the underlying asset values and loan details are readily available and verifiable via the Atomix interface and the underlying blockchain.

The protocol generates trust by ensuring that all lending is secured against sufficient collateral at all times.

How Does Atomix Work?